The Name Game

It's the first day of 1st grade. You're teacher says, "Lets all learn each others names!" Everyone inwardly (nah, you're in 1st grade, self control is alien to you, you groan out loud) The name game. The bane of every little kids existence. Flash back to now. I often wonder what he enemies of the evil meat packers from the Bay of Green names mean. So today we're playing the name game!

I'll start. In a game I formally played, World of Warcraft, most demon's names had the prefix Fel. Now, I'm not a demon or anything, but I thought it sounded cool. My favorite word is banana for some odd reason, and I put the two together. It sounded and looked cool, so I used the name.

Now channel you're inner 1st grader and play the name game with us! Why do you have the name you have? Some of you have obvious names like NMviking, and some of you have abstract names like Grime. Name game, commence.

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