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Henderson Becomes One Of Us (Well, Not Really)


From now until the time the 2013 NFL season kicks off, the Minnesota Vikings will be looking to see if linebacker Erin Henderson can make the transition from the weak-side linebacker position he's manned for the past few years to the middle of their 4-3 defense. This past week, however, Henderson was testing out a potential transition to another position.

Henderson was part of a group of current and former players that took part in a broadcasting "boot camp" being held at Bowling Green University. They had a couple of different assignments to do. . .not all of which involved football.

As part of the program, Henderson and the pack of jackals, er, "journalists" conducted mock interviews with Bowling Green football coach Dave Clawson and Toledo Mud Hens General Manager Joe Napoli. They wrote a news story off their interview with Napoli and covered a Mud Hens home game. They had two hours to write a column on one of five topics they had to choose from. Then they had to condense the column into a two-minute opinion piece for radio.

Two hours? Two hours!? Man, I have to re-do my SB Nation contract.

(Okay, not really.)

The article also mentions Henderson re-starting a blog. . .I didn't realize he had one before. . .but when he does re-start it, we'll let you know where it's located.

Though the story from the Star-Tribune is primarily about Henderson's trip to this broadcasting seminar, Mark Craig did manage to sneak in a question about the middle linebacker situation in Minnesota. Henderson gave the answer you'd probably expect him to give.

Despite coach Leslie Frazier's hesitancy over discussing the possibility of Henderson moving from weakside linebacker to the gaping hole in the middle, Henderson said: "I'm going to be the starting middle linebacker. There's no question. That's where I belong."

If Henderson can't completely make the transition to the middle linebacker spot, it certainly won't be because he doesn't have the confidence. That's going to be one of the more intriguing stories of this year's Training Camp, in my opinion.