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Minnesota Vikings News And Links, 5/22

Andy King

Once again, we've hit hump day at your favorite Minnesota Vikings' website. Before we get too far into things, I need to discuss something that hasn't been much of an issue in recent weeks. . .heck, even months. . .but reared its head a bit yesterday.

Whether it's in an Open Thread like this or in one of our other threads, please. . .don't feed the trolls. Just don't. Sure, it's fun to knock them around like a piñata for a little while, but eventually that loses its luster. Just flag their comments, and eventually one of the moderators will get around to them.

When Ted and Eric were at Winter Park covering the 2012 NFL Draft, they got to rub shoulders with a lot of media types, and a lot of them read our humble little website here. . .a lot more than I originally thought. And one of the things that they liked about our community? How quickly problems were dealt with. This is a community for Vikings fans, and when someone comes in with the sole, expressed purpose of being belligerent, then it's time for them to go. And that's what will happen.

As always, we don't have an issue with fans of other teams. We have an issue with trolls. If you think that's harsh. . .well, you're probably one of the latter and not so much one of the former.

Now, then, on to your regularly scheduled Open Thread. Since the last time we did one of these. . .

-We looked at the Vikings' release of offensive tackle Mark Jackson, and whether it could be leading to something bigger.

-We attempted to figure out where Bud Grant ranks on the list of all-time great NFL coaches.

-Football Outsiders has declared, for the second year in a row, that Vikings' head coach Leslie Frazier is one of the NFL's least aggressive head coaches.

From other outposts around the internet. . .

-Yesterday, we highlighted a post from our Oklahoma City Thunder site, Welcome to Loud City, for helping victims of the recent storms in the Sooner State. Our friends over at our Oklahoma Sooners site, Crimson and Cream Machine, have information to share as well.

-Charles Woodson, who has spent the last seven seasons getting away with ridiculous amounts of pass interference in the NFC North, will apparently finish his career getting away with ridiculous amounts of pass interference in the AFC West.

-The Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority has fielded three bids from companies wanting to build the parking for the new Vikings' stadium.

-The folks over at The Viking Age take a look at one of the team's undrafted free agents, Florida State wide receiver Rodney Smith.

The rules for the Open Thread. . .in addition to the one that I went over above. . .are the same as they ever were. No religion, no politics, and keep the bad language to a minimum.

To continue the theme for the week, we have another theme song for you. This one is one of the better current themes, in my opinion, right from the very start.

With that, the beer light is on and the bar is open for Wednesday, ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy your day with your fellow fans, and we'll be back with some more later on today.