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Brian Urlacher Announces Retirement

Jonathan Daniel

Just saw this come across the Twitter a couple of minutes ago:

So, apparently that cut the Vikings made yesterday was NOT, in fact, part of an elaborate plan to sign Brian Urlacher. Or, if it was, Urlacher himself just put the kibosh on it.

Urlacher was a huge pain in the butt for the Minnesota Vikings over the years. It seemed like every time the Bears and Vikings got together. . .particularly at Soldier Field. . .#54 was always making some sort of big play to stop a key Vikings drive, whether it was an interception or a sack or forcing a fumble.

On the bright side. . .from a purely on-field standpoint, anyway. . .when Urlacher has been out the past few years, the Chicago defense really hasn't been the same. Now he's not going to be back again at all. . .in theory. . .and the Bears are going to have their work cut out replacing him.

The speculation of Brian Urlacher playing middle linebacker for the Minnesota Vikings in 2013 can, apparently, come to an end.