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Vikings Defenders Prove The Harlem Shake Isn't Dead Yet

What happens during the slow days of May for NFL players? If you're like some of the Vikings defensive players, you post weird videos of a meme that was dead months ago.

Yes Jamarca, you should be ashamed of that video.
Yes Jamarca, you should be ashamed of that video.
Jonathan Daniel

It's the middle of May. If you haven't noticed, actual NFL news around these parts has been awfully slow since the post-draft hype settled down. Brian Urlacher officially isn't going to be a Viking, but we already knew that. We're still months away from training camp, the preseason, or any other football of real significance. It's tough to keep busy as an NFL fan this time of year.

So what do NFL players do to keep themselves entertained during the doldrums of the NFL schedule? Well, apparently if you're a defensive player for the Minnesota Vikings, you inexplicably resurrect an internet meme that has been played out for months.

And you do it in a sauna.

Vikings safety Jamarca Sanford tweeted this out Wednesday afternoon:

Naturally, I was intrigued. The Harlem Shake? You mean the annoying internet meme that reached overnight popularity this past February only to fizzle out just as quickly as it came? Surely Mr. Sanford couldn't possibly be referring to that! So I clicked the link just to make sure that he had made some sort of mistake.

Nope. It wasn't a mistake. They were actually doing the Harlem Shake. In the sauna.

If you dare to click the link, Sanford's Twitter tags appear to be correct. Joining him in the sauna video were fellow defenders Mistral Raymond, Harrison Smith, Bobby Felder, Fred Evans, and Andrew Sendejo.

Hey, don't blame me for posting about this. Blame the ridiculously slow news cycle...and of course the guys who actually made the video.