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Ponder To Sign Autographs At Mall Of America

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Bob Levey

If you're in or near the Twin Cities area, tomorrow you have an opportunity to get something autographed by everybody's favorite quarterback.

No, not him.

No, not him, either.

No, not. . .dang it, people I'm talking about Christian Ponder.

The event is to celebrate the opening of the new Nike Yardline store at the Champs Sports store located at the Mall of America. This is the second store of it's kind that will be opening in the country, and promises to provide consumers with special access to signature Nike football products, athletes, teams, and experiences while connecting the local and national football community both in store and online.

As a digital extension of the store, you can access the web site right here.

The autograph event gets underway at 6 PM on Thursday at the Mall of America. There's a long weekend coming. . .seriously, most of you don't plan on going to work on Friday, do you. . .so if you have the time and the inclination, head on over to the Mall of America and check this event out!