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Jared Allen Comes In At #60 On NFL Network Top 100


We talked earlier about how Jared Allen didn't really want to take a pay cut for this coming season with the Minnesota Vikings. Based on tonight's showing of the Top 100 on the NFL Network, a lot of his fellow players still think he's pretty good at what he does.

Allen came in at #60 on this year's NFL Network Top 100 list, according to the voting of his peers. That's a big of a drop-off from where he was last year, when he was underrated at #13 (in my opinion), but it shows that he still has a lot of respect from the rest of the league.

You can watch the video of Allen's recognition here. Yes, they did ask kicker Blair Walsh for his opinion about Allen. I don't know why, exactly.

So that gives the Vikings two players on the NFL Top 100 list, which is as many as they had in last year's installment. There's still the matter of a certain running back that wears #28 to get to on the list, but honestly. . .is there any reason that Adrian Peterson shouldn't be in the top spot? There are very few other guys that you could really even make a case for. You could say J.J. Watt, I guess, but really. . .who else is there?

The list will continue to roll on over the coming days and weeks. Outside of Peterson, I don't think anyone anticipates any more members of the Vikings showing up on the list.