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What's The Story Behind Your Screen Name?

(EDIT: My apologies to "FelBanana," as I totally missed his FanPost on this subject from a few days back. But we're underway in this one, so we'll just run with it. -Chris)

Since we're approaching both a holiday weekend and another fairly uneventful month of the off-season, now appears to be a good time to take the opportunity to do some "community building" sorts of things. The folks over at our Tennessee Titans' site, Music City Miracles, are doing this question with their community today, and I think it's a pretty good way to get us started.

So, the question. . .if you didn't already glean it from the title of the post. . .is "What is the story behind your screen name?"

I'll start. . .though my current one is pretty obvious, those that have been around the site for a while know that I went by "Gonzo" for the first few years of the site's existence. Truth be told, that's been my nickname since I was about four years old when it was bestowed upon me by a baseball coach I had.

(Rule number one of nicknames. . .you're not allowed to give yourself a nickname. It has to come from somewhere else.)

Now, at first glance, it might be as simple as "Hey, that one weird-looking Muppet with the long nose." Though I am a Muppets aficionado, that's not the reason why that nickname has come to me.

See, back in the early 80s, there was a television show called Trapper John, M.D. It was a spin-off of the movie M*A*S*H (not the television program of the same name, but the movie that inspired it) that centered around John McIntyre, one of the members of the 4077th. One of the other doctors on that show (played by Gregory Harrison, who was an actual Army medic for a couple of years) was a man by the name of George Alonzo Gates. . .or, as he was more commonly referred to, "Gonzo." Hence the nickname.

As I said, that nickname was given to me when I was about four years old. I turn 37 in a few months here, and to this day when I go back home, pretty much the only people that call me by my given name are my parents. I guess that's the sign of a pretty good nickname.

So, that's the story behind my nickname (which would probably still be my screen name if most of the SB Nation writers hadn't gone to real names a few years ago). What's the story behind the name you've chosen to represent yourself here at DN?