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Former Viking Crosses Into The Blue

Bruce Kluckhohn-US PRESSWIRE

Nick Reed did a lot of moving around in his brief NFL career. In three seasons, he made stops in Seattle (the team that originally drafted him), Tampa Bay, Chicago, and Minnesota. He never saw the field with the Vikings in the regular season, as the team cut him in August of 2012. However, according to Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports, Reed now has ambitions of moving a lot more frequently. . .and at a much higher rate of speed.

Reed is currently in training with the United States Air Force, and has aspirations of becoming a fighter pilot. As he says in the article, the timing worked out pretty well for him.

"I was cut by the Vikings around Aug, 31 and I found out from the Air Force I got in right around Sept. 10," Reed said. "I still had to get a flight physical and sort of hurry up and wait, until I could start. I was just getting ready, traveling, relaxing. I tried to do a lot of relaxing knowing what was ahead."

Finally, in April, Reed could begin his nine-week "Super Boot Camp," which will continue through the spring. It was around that time that his agent, Marc Lillibridge, received a text from Reed informing him he was definitely done with football.

"As much as I enjoyed football, this is what I am supposed to be doing. Thanks for the opportunities you provided me during my time in. It was a great experience."

The training to become an officer and become a pilot is no joke, but someone like Reed would definitely have an edge when it comes to having the physical conditioning and mental discipline to make it through.

Congratulations to Nick Reed on pursuing his dream in the United States Air Force.