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Minnesota Vikings News And Links, 6/11


Good morning once again, ladies and gentlemen. Time for another opportunity to hang out with your fellow Minnesota Vikings fans and talk about whatever you'd like to talk about during your Tuesday, wherever you might be.

Unfortunately, we've only posted one more story since the last Open Thread, that having to do with Adrian Peterson making the cover of one of this year's Madden NFL games after all. (You can see that as good or bad, depending on how strongly you believe in curses, I guess.) However, there are some stories out there from other sources, mostly about former Vikings.

-Pro Football Talk named their Mount Rushmore for the Minnesota Vikings. (As with any PFT story, don't bother reading the comments. Too much Viking-hating garbage from the usual, expected sources.)

-Tom Pelissero of 1500 ESPN will be live. . .well, not tweeting, but doing something. . .from today's Organized Team Activities at Winter Park.

-Our friends at Hogs Haven have news about former Viking cornerback Fred Smoot coining a new phrase to describe the infamous "Love Boat" incident.

-The Buffalo Bills have released former Vikings quarterback Tarvaris Jackson.

-Devin Aromashodu will officially not be back in Minnesota next year, as he's returned to the Chicago Bears.

The rules of the Open Thread remain the same, ladies and gentlemen. . .no politics, no religion, no bad language, and don't feed the trolls.

Today's one-hit wonder has a special place in my music library, as the records show that it was the #1 song in the country the day that yours truly was brought into this great big world of ours.

The disco era was glorious, wasn't it?

With that, the beer light is on and the bar is open for Tuesday, everybody. Enjoy the rest of your morning/afternoon/evening, and we'll be back with more later on.