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The Daily Norseman's Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament

That big announcement that we talked about yesterday? Well, this is it.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are going to set out to determine who you, the readers of the best damn Minnesota Vikings website on the internet, feel is the greatest individual ever to don the purple and gold. And this entire endeavor is going to revolve around you, the readers.

Notice how the bracket is blank at this point? Well, that's because you folks are going to determine who is seeded where. Through the use of comments and recs. . .which is why we wanted to emphasize yesterday that you needed to be registered in order to participate. . .you folks will determine who the top 64 Vikings in history are. And we don't necessarily just mean players here. We're talking about players, coaches, executives, trainers. . .whoever you think is a great representation of our favorite football team.

From there, once the seedings are determined, we will be going through one match-up a day, "March Madness" style, until we get down to determining who the readers of The Daily Norseman feel is the greatest Minnesota Viking of all time.

This stream is going to house everything having to do with this tournament. We'll be adding some "Rules of Engagement" over the next little while here, and by Monday we will be ready to really get underway with this entire process. All of this is going to be added to the stream and the group that we have dedicated to our little endeavor here.

Like I said yesterday when I mentioned this, I hope that this is something that all of you are truly going to enjoy, and something that will hopefully spark a lot of discussion and debate. Sure, there might be some clunkers or mismatches in the early rounds, but as we get closer to the end, there are probably going to be some pretty spectacular match-ups for folks to debate and vote on.

More to come soon here, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for your patience as we get all of this put together.