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Greatest Viking Of All Time Rules Of Engagement: Voting

Now that we've explained how the nomination process is going to work, let's take a look at voting.

"Can't we just use a poll?" Well, I suppose we probably could. However, polls have the possibility of getting. . .how you say. . .skewed. So, we're going to use a more fair and even-handed approach for this, and it's going to be pretty simple.

Every day after the seedings are determined and the tournament has started, we will have a new match-up for you. The post will have a brief description of each person in that particular match-up, and from there you'll be asked to vote for who you think should win. To do that, all you're going to do is post a comment with the word "Vote," and then the name of the person you're voting for. For example. . .using the same one as I used in the nomination thread. . .if you want to vote for Bud Grant, you would simply put "Vote - Bud Grant" in the heading of your comment.

The voting will remain open for 24 hours, with the deadline clearly posted. At that time, the comments for that thread will be closed, and the votes tallied up to determine the winner.

Again, using our friends from Cageside Seats as an example, here is their post for the finals of their tournament to determine the greatest wrestler of all time.

So, once again, you need to be a registered member of the community to be able to vote on these match-ups. As pointed out earlier, any schlub can vote in a poll (or put together a script to vote for them. . .a lot). But by using this method, only real Vikings fans will be heard on this.

We'll do refreshers for both this and the nomination/seeding process when we get to the actual times to do those things. But that's an overview of how we're going to go through the voting process for this tournament.

Again, I hope that you folks are looking forward to this as much as we are. It should be a lot of fun for all of us.