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Terrell Owens Thinks He's A "Fit" In Minnesota

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A few days ago, wide receiver Terrell Owens made the statement that he would retire this year if he didn't get another opportunity in the National Football League.

(Every football fan in America simultaneously. . ."You mean he wasn't retired already?"

Well, at it turns out, he still hasn't gotten any calls from National Football League teams to this point. . .but he thinks that a couple of teams would be a good fit for him.

Though he obviously can't be choosy at this stage, Owens explained his best fit would come with a team operating a West Coast offense. He cited the Minnesota Vikings and Kansas City Chiefs as options.

I think I can pretty confidently state that there is no chance of this actually happening. Owens will turn 40 in December, and hasn't played a down in the NFL since 2010. He attempted to catch on with the Seattle Seahawks last season, but the team released him after about three weeks.

With the pronounced youth movement that's taking place in Minnesota, the odds of the team signing a 39-year old wide receiver that hasn't played in the NFL in two full seasons are pretty much negligible. But, you know, kudos to Terrell Owens for keeping his name out there, at the very least. Frankly, I'd rather bring back Randy Moss (not that that's happening, either. . .because it's not). At least Moss was in the NFL last season.