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Which Viking Would Make The Best Coach?


Have to give credit to Adam Schefter for posing this question on his various social media sites.

Today, the New Jersey Brooklyn Nets (Edit - Shows how much attention I generally pay to the NBA) hired Jason Kidd to be their new head coach. Kidd was playing basketball as recently as a month ago for the New York Knicks, but after just having announced his retirement, the Nets have decided that he's coaching material.

So, Schefter put the question out there about which current NFL player would make the best coach. I'd like to focus it more on our favorite football team and ask which current Minnesota Viking would make the best coach.

I'm going to go with a guy that might not immediately jump to mind and hasn't been here all that long. That guy is backup quarterback Matt Cassel.

Cassel has gotten the opportunity to play for a few different coaches and in different systems, including getting to work with Bill Belichick while backing up Tom Brady in New England. The Vikings obviously thought highly enough of him to bring him in for a sort of mentorship role, and there's a pretty good chance that he could transfer that into some sort of coaching position.

There really aren't a lot of old, "grizzled" veterans on the current Vikings' roster, which makes it kind of tough to determine whether any of them would make good coaches. But, Cassel was the guy that popped into my head when I saw Schefter's question.

Who do you think would qualify, folks?