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Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament: Clarification on Match-Ups

I thought I'd address this after seeing a few of the comments in the threads we've had about the tournament thus far.

As we mentioned in the piece about the seedings and so forth, the top 64 seeds will be determined by who gets the most "recs" after they are nominated for a spot in the field. The more recs an individual gets, the higher "seed" they will receive.

Obviously, more popular players will get the higher seeds, which means that the odds of two "big name" individuals meeting up in the first round is kind of slim. . .unless, of course, one of the two just doesn't get enough recs from the Daily Norseman faithful here for whatever reason.

The brackets will be structured in much the same was as the NCAA tournament is. There will be four brackets with 16 people each. The brackets will all be structured as follows for the first round.

#1 seed vs. #16 seed
#8 seed vs. #9 seed

#5 seed vs. #12 seed
#4 seed vs. #13 seed

#6 seed vs. #11 seed
#3 seed vs. #14 seed

#7 seed vs. #10 seed
#2 seed vs. #15 seed

The purpose, much like the NCAA tournament (or any other tournament, really) is to give the higher seeds an easier road (in theory) to the championship. Sure, there are likely going to be upsets along the way, but that's another part of what makes this interesting.

So, you more than likely aren't going to see match-ups like Bud Grant vs. Adrian Peterson or Alan Page vs. Fran Tarkenton in the first round of our tournament. (I'm assuming we won't, anyway.) Once we get deeper into the tournament, however, those are the sorts of match-ups that are going to make for a lot of outstanding debate as we get closer to crowning our champion.

Just wanted to put that clarification out there for those that thought that some of the "big names" in Vikings history might wind up getting eliminated right away. That's why it's important to rec your favorites when the time comes.

Again, all of the nominations and stuff will be taken starting on Monday.