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What's Your Game Day Ritual?

Bruce Kluckhohn-US PRESSWIRE

Happy Saturday, everybody. . .my apologies for not having anything up following the Open Thread yesterday. Lot of things going on in the real world, in addition to getting geared up for our Greatest Vikings Of All Time Tournament. (Don't forget, the nomination process starts on Monday.) So, I thought I'd throw out more of an open community question for everyone to debate to start the weekend off.

We know that the truly hardcore fans of any sports team are a different breed compared to your more casual fan. One of those things is that a lot of folks have superstitions or rituals that they follow leading up to the games every week.

Now, to quote latter-day American philosopher Michael Scott, I'm not superstitious. . .but I am a bit stitious. I'm one of those sorts of people who figures that if something worked last week, there's a good chance that it will work this week, too. For example, our Minnesota Vikings won their season opener in 2012, so the next week I attempted to do all the same things I had done the week before. . .same jersey, same beverages, all that sort of thing. In Week 2, they lost. After that, I changed things up. . .different jersey, different beverages, that sort of thing.

Yes, I understand that it's ridiculous to believe that my choice of clothing and/or refreshments has any impact on the outcome of a football game that's being played a couple thousand miles away. But I also know damn well that I'm not the only one that does it.

So, I ask all of you folks out there. . .what's your ritual on game day? If you attend the games live, do you go to the same spots before and after? If you're watching on TV, do you change anything from one week to the next? Let us know, everybody!