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Greatest Viking Of All Time: Helpful Resources

So, as we've mentioned once or twice already, our tournament to crown the Greatest Viking Of All Time will be kicking off on Monday, when we start going through the nomination process. I expect the action to be fast and furious, so I want to put a couple of things out there (I'll remind everyone of these things in the actual nominations thread as well).

-Before you nominate someone, do a thorough search to make sure that they haven't already been nominated. (Even if you have to do a Ctrl-F on the page or something.) If they have already been nominated, simply rec the comment where the individual was nominated. Multiple nominations will just make it that much trickier to compile the results for the seedings.

-The comments for the nominations post will stay open for 72 hours. At that point, the comments will be closed, and I will tabulate the results. We'll then get the bracket set up, and the full-blown tournament should be set to get underway by Monday, June 24. We'll announce all of the seedings before that, though, complete with an updated version of the bracket.

In order to help folks get some ideas for who to nominate, we have a couple of places to look.

-The Vikings' encyclopedia on Pro Football Reference has pretty much everything as far as Vikings history is concerned, at least as far as statistical records.

-Remember, the Vikings did their own 50 Greatest list a few seasons back. I'd expect that most, if not all, of those guys will make our field of 64.

-In addition, there's always the Vikings Ring of Honor for players that have made their mark in Vikings' history.

If anyone else has any suggestions, feel free to throw them out there.

Remember, though, it isn't just players. . .it can be coaches, trainers, general managers, owners, whoever. . .if you think they're one of the greatest in the history of the Minnesota Vikings, throw their name out there and see how many folks agree.

We'll be underway with this in about 24 hours or so, folks. Hopefully this is something that everyone is going to be able to enjoy a lot.