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Greatest Viking Of All Time: Nominations

UPDATE - Nominations are closed, ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for participating! -Chris

Okay, folks, the big day has arrived. . .the day where we start accepting nominations for our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament. Yesterday, we put up some resources that might serve as a help to folks that are looking for current and former members of the Minnesota Vikings to nominate. Let's go over some of the things for the nominations once again.

To Nominate Someone:

-In the comments section, post a comment with a subject line of "Nominate - Name" (where, obviously, you'd put the name of the person you were nominating).

-You may make a case for the individual you're nominating, if you feel it to be necessary. Any other debating should fall under the main nomination for that individual. Basically, all the posts that are flush with the left-hand side should have the word "Nominate" in the subject line.

-Please adhere to the above format to make people easier to find during the process.

-And, even if there's a misspelling, I think we can generally figure out who you mean. (-:

To Support A Nomination:

-When you see the name of an individual that you support, hit "rec" for that particular comment. That will give your support to that particular person. At the end of the nomination period, the comments will be closed and we will go about tallying up the recs for each individual nominated.

Other Stuff:

-Please make an effort to not nominate a person more than one time. The first nomination for an individual will be considered the "official" nomination for that person, and any subsequent, duplicate nominations (as well as the recs that go with them and any debate that fell underneath the duplicate nomination) will eventually be deleted. The reason for this is two-fold:

1) It makes things easier on us when it comes time to tally things up.

2) It prevents "stuffing" of the ballot box. If someone is nominated three times, they can potentially rack up three times the recs of other individuals, for example.

We'll be deleting the duplicates in as expedient a manner as we possibly can. Obviously we can't monitor things 24 hours a day or anything.

-We'd like for the focus of this to remain, as much as possible, on someone's time with the Minnesota Vikings. The example that came up the other day was Brett Favre. Yes, he was with Minnesota for two seasons, and had one outstanding season during that time. If you feel that to be enough to put him among the 64 greatest Vikings of all time, throw out a nomination for him and see who agrees.

-Remember, this is not just limited to players. It can be anyone with a connection to the Minnesota Vikings that you feel is worthy of recognition.

I think that covers just about everything.

The comments on this post will remain open for 72 hours, meaning that at 8 AM Central time on Thursday, no further nominations will be accepted. At that point, we will go through and put together the seedings and the opening round match-ups, and we should be ready to start the full-blown tournament a week from today.

With that, nominations for The Daily Norseman's Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament are officially. . .OPEN!!