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Greatest Viking Of All Time: Sharockman Advances

David Boss-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the play-in game for our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament turned out to be a little bit one-sided. . .after further review, however, I probably should have expected that.

After all of the votes for our play-in game were tallied, defensive back Ed Sharockman has moved into the field of 64. He has earned the right to take on #1 overall seed Adrian Peterson in the opening round of the tournament.

The final numbers. . .unless my count is off. . .looked like this:

Ed Sharockman - 88

Stu Voigt - 20

Kyle Rudolph - 5

As I said. . .it really wasn't terribly close. Sharockman was better than the two tight ends he was competing against, though many people said that Rudolph has a tremendous chance of moving up the ranks if he can continue the way he did in 2012.

So, the field of 64 is officially set, and our tournament will well and truly get underway on Monday at 8 AM Central. Stay tuned. . .you never know which match-up we're going to use to kick things off.