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Adrian Peterson On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

I'm not a huge Jimmy Fallon fan or anything like that. . .I'm more of a Craig Ferguson guy myself (and, darn it, you should be, too). But, Craig Ferguson has never had Adrian Peterson on his show (to my knowledge), and Jimmy Fallon had him on just last night, so in this case, advantage: Fallon.

Among the topics that Peterson and Fallon discuss are

-His handshake (I know, I'm as surprised as you are).
-His enjoyment of video games, including how he used them in his rehab from his knee injury.
-The annual "Adrian Peterson Day," which is today (Saturday) in his home town of Palestine, Texas.
-The allergic reaction to seafood he had during Training Camp last season, and how he was saved by Certified Athletic Trainer Eric Sugarman™.

It's a pretty entertaining interview all in all. Hopefully those of you that didn't get an opportunity to see it live (such as myself) will enjoy getting to see the NFL MVP in a more relaxed setting.