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Greatest Viking Of All Time: Change Of Voting Method

Based on a couple of suggestions from the folks that voted in our play-in game for the Greatest Viking of All Time Tournament, I am going to make a slight change in the voting methodology. This method will still allow only those that are registered with the site vote in the proceedings, which is the main thing that we're shooting for.

What we're going to do, starting with Monday's match-up (which has yet to be determined), is post the match-up as usual at 8 AM Central time. However, rather than needing everyone to submit a comment to vote, I will simply post the two competitors in the first two comments, and we will go based on "recs." That should make it easier to tally the votes (since it seemed to work pretty well for setting the field in the first place).

Of course, the one caveat to this is that I have to make the following statement:

Don't rec both options.

Simply "rec" either one or the other. From there, people can discuss why they voted for who they did and that sort of thing. Like I said, hopefully that will streamline things for everybody, us included.

Thanks to everyone for all the participation we've had thus far. . .hopefully we can keep the momentum going for this entire tournament!