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Christian Ponder Sits Down With SiriusXM NFL Radio


More content for you all while we're just, basically, killing time waiting for Training Camp to start.

Minnesota Vikings' quarterback Christian Ponder got a chance to sit down with the folks from The Blitz on SiriusXM NFL Radio a few days ago. It's not a terribly long conversation, only about three and a half minutes or so, but during that time the starting quarterback gets an opportunity to answer a few questions.

The Blitz hosts, who I believe are Bruce Murray and Rich Gannon (at least, that's what SiriusXM's NFL Radio page says) got an opportunity to ask Ponder about some of the new receivers that the team has given him this season, if the Vikings should be striving for more balance on offense, and the influence of newly-acquired backup quarterback Matt Cassel.

Like I said, it's nothing terribly earth-shattering or anything, but it is a fairly interesting listen. While we're still 33 days away from the start of Training Camp. . .not that we're counting. . .anything relating to our favorite football team is a welcome bonus. Just a heads-up, though. . .the volume is cranked up pretty loud on the clip.

Enjoy the interview, everybody!