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Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament: Two-A-Days Starting Wednesday

In the interest of moving things along a little bit, we are going to speed things up a little bit for the first round of our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament.

We'll do one match-up on Tuesday, and then starting on Wednesday we will go to two match-ups a day until we get through the opening round. Once we get to the second round, we will go back to one match-up a day. Unless my figuring is incorrect, if we do two match-ups a day starting on Wednesday, that should have us completed with the first round by 10 July.

The tournament is more than likely going to run into mid-August. . .and, yes, there will be some "clunkers" in the early rounds, particularly with the higher seeds taking on the lower seeds. Pretty much any tournament is going to be that way.

So, once again, only one match-up tomorrow and two match-ups a day starting on Wednesday. I hope that everyone is enjoying the festivities thus far.