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Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament: Moss Advances

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Our first match-up is officially in the books, and it went pretty much the way you would have expected it to.

While Paul Allen will be known to an entire generation as the voice of Minnesota Vikings football, he was no match for the man known as the Super Freak. Randy Moss got out to an early lead and won big, with the final tally coming up as 232 "recs" for Moss and 22 "recs" for Paul Allen.

Moss was a beloved figure in Minnesota during his time in purple, regardless of whatever off-the-field shenanigans he got himself involved in. Even during his brief stint with the team in 2010, he had people "getting out their 84 jerseys," as he prompted them to do after he was acquired by the Vikings that season.

Moss is the first person to move on to the Round of 32 in our tournament, and will take on the winner of an interesting second-round match-up between linebacker Chad Greenway and wide receiver Ahmad Rashad.

Our next match-up is already underway, so if you haven't already gone over and voted, check it out!