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Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament: Paul Krause Advances

Malcolm Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

In a match-up that turned out to be a much bigger blowout than I had anticipated, a Hall of Fame defensive back scored a decisive victory over an innovative coach with a longer tenure in Minnesota than anyone we had seen up to this point.

Paul Krause recorded a resounding victory over Jerry Burns in our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament. When the smoke cleared and all the votes were counted, the NFL's interception leader had tallied 169 "recs," compared to a mere 23 "recs" for the creator of the West Coast Offense. It's hard to argue with a man that holds both the NFL record and the Vikings' team record in a particular category, and the Daily Norseman faithful pushed Paul Krause through to the second round.

In the next round, Krause will take on the winner of the match-up between Matt Birk and Fred Cox.

Thanks to everyone that participated in the voting for this match-up, and we hope you'll keep doing so in the matches to come!