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Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament: Steve Jordan Advances

Manny Rubio-USA TODAY Sports

As was the case in our first match-up between 8 and 9 seeds in this tournament, the lower seed is moving on to the second round. The margin of victory might be a bit of a surprise to some, however.

Former Vikings tight end Steve Jordan scored a pretty one-sided victory over guard Steve Hutchinson in the first round of our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament. The final tally ended up being 164 "recs" for Jordan and 54 "recs" for Hutchinson. Both players performed at a very high level for the Vikings, but perhaps Jordan having more tangible statistics to look at, coupled with his spending twice as long in Minnesota, pushed him over the top and into Round 2.

In that second round, Jordan will be taking on the winner of the match-up between Bud Grant and Ryan Longwell. (Again. . .yes, I know.)

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