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Watch The Gage Towers Implosion

Bruce Kluckhohn-US PRESSWIRE

Well, the folks from MSU-Mankato decided they didn't feel like making their video feed work. Thankfully, some YouTube folks were quick on the scene with the video.

This morning in Mankato, where the Minnesota Vikings will be gathering for Training Camp here in a couple of weeks, a piece of Vikings' history is set to disappear.

The Gage Towers on the campus of Minnesota State University-Mankato, are set to be demolished at 8:30 9:30 AM Central time this morning. The crowd of spectators that is expected to gather to watch the towers go down is expected to rival that of the Fourth of July fireworks displays in Mankato every year.

When the Vikings traveled to MSU-M for training camp, the players called Gage Towers home. According to a couple of old-school Vikings, the Gage Towers hold a lot of memories.

Matt Blair says, "Just the memories what we did in Gage hall just a good place. I think the most exciting was playing botchy ball with Coach Grant."

Another memory: the heat.

Blair says, "Back when we played we did not have air conditioning. It was so hot!"
And their 11:00 curfew didn't keep them from indulging in late night munchies.

Lurtsema says, "Once we got through bed check, we got on the phone and called Jake's pizza and we would drop a bed sheet and pull up the pizza."

Blair says, "Just interesting to be a part of something like that.. it's a tradition that's gone on for a lifetime, Mankato is okay!"

Lurtsema says, "When we get together we start talking about war stories, the rocket blasts, Jake's Pizza. We had fun in Gage and I'm going to miss that place."

(Memo to the folks from KEYC-TV in Mankato. . ."botchy" ball? Botchy ball? Really?)

In any event, the link to the live stream of the implosion will be right here, courtesy of Minnesota State University-Mankato website. If we can actually embed the video here, we will update this post with the live streaming video. If you're in Mankato, there's some information about traffic and some other things relating to the demolition here, courtesy of the Mankato Free Press.