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Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament: Pat Williams Advances

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Rick Spielman has done a pretty decent job in building the current incarnation of the Minnesota Vikings, but that wasn't enough to get him out of the first round of our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament.

Pat Williams pretty much squashed Spielman like he was an opposing running back in their first round match-up. The final tally wound up being 149 "recs" for Pat Williams and 59 "recs" for Rick Spielman. Pat Williams had a very good run with the team, and people seemed hesitant to vote for a front office guy over someone that made such a huge impact on the field. As a result, "Phat" Pat moves on.

He might get a shot at one of his running mates on the Vikings' defensive line in the second round, as he will take on the winner of the match-up between Jared Allen and Fred Zamberletti.

Keep an eye out for more match-ups and results from our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament!