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Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament: Randall McDaniel Advances

Manny Rubio-USA TODAY Sports

In what I'm pretty sure is the most one-sided affair we've had to this point in the tournament, the guy that might be the greatest offensive lineman in the history of the Minnesota Vikings trounced a plucky kicker to move on to the second round of our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament.

Randall McDaniel absolutely throttled Fuad Reveiz in this match-up, as I believe McDaniel was about halfway to 100 before Fuad got his first rec. The final tally wound up being 190 "recs" for McDaniel and just 4 "recs" for Reveiz. (I'll be honest. . .that's about 3 more than I thought Fuad would end up with.) Yeah, Fuad was tough and everything, but really. . .he didn't have much of a chance in this one, and it showed in the final tally.

McDaniel moves on to the second round of our tournament, where he will take on the winner of a match-up between offensive tackle Ron Yary and quarterback Daunte Culpepper.

We'll have more from our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament, as we're getting closer to completing the first round. Keep on reading and "rec"-ing your favorite all-time Vikings!