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Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament: (1) Bud Grant vs (16) Ryan Longwell

It's Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! But that's not going to stop us from moving along in our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament, ladies and gentlemen. This match-up is our last #1 vs #16 outing of the tournament, and pits one of the National Football League's greatest head coaches against one of the defectors from the "enemy" to Minnesota.

Bud Grant

Alma Mater: University of Minnesota
Acquired by Vikings: Became head coach prior to 1967 season
Seasons in Minnesota: 18 (1967-1983, 1985)
Position: Head Coach

What can you say about Bud Grant, seriously? In his tenure as the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings, his team went 159-96-5, bringing home the 1969 National Football League Championship and winning the NFC Championship on three other occasions. The Vikings were only below the .500 mark in four of Grant's 18 seasons roaming the Minnesota sidelines, and he personified the Minnesota Vikings of that era. . .incredibly tough, no-nonsense, and always prepared and ready to go. He truly is one of the greatest NFL coaches of his time or any other time.

Ryan Longwell

Alma Mater: University of California
Acquired by Vikings: Signed as free agent prior to 2006 season
Seasons in Minnesota: 6 (2006-2011)
Position: Kicker

Longwell is one of the many folks that followed the "pipeline" from Green Bay to Minnesota. . .and, like most of those other players, he performed pretty darn well upon arriving in Minnesota. He currently sits third on the list for field goal accuracy with the Vikings, trailing only Blair Walsh and Donald Igwebuike, who have played in a combined 24 regular season games for the Vikings thus far. He also, surprisingly, is third in scoring in Minnesota Vikings history with 633 points, a number that trails only Fred Cox and Cris Carter.

Here's a review of how the voting process works, folks.

-If you want to vote for Bud Grant, rec the comment that says, "Vote - Bud Grant"
-If you want to vote for Ryan Longwell, rec the comment that says, "Vote - Ryan Longwell"

Don't rec both comments. . .we're on the honor system here, folks. Although I don't know why you'd rec both anyway. . .you'd end up just canceling yourself out.

Please do not reply to either of the top two comments. . .if you want to debate or make your case or what have you, feel free to do so underneath those top two comments. Remember. . .only recs count, so make sure that's how you register your vote.

The voting will remain open until 8 AM Central time tomorrow, at which point the next two match-ups will be posted.

Have at it, everybody!