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Greatest Viking Of All Time: Adrian Peterson Advances

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

The top overall seed in our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament, as expected, had a pretty easy time in his first round match-up. After all, isn't that what top seeds in these things are supposed to do?

Adrian Peterson took home a pretty easy victory over Ed Sharockman in this first round match-up in our tournament. When the final vote figures were computed, the total wound up being 140 "recs" for Peterson to just 6 "recs" for Sharockman. Obviously, having gained more support in the seeding process than anyone else, people expect the reigning NFL MVP to go pretty far in this tournament, and he didn't disappoint in the first round.

I get that some of these first round match-ups are going to be fairly one-sided. But, they need to be taken care of just like every other match-up in the tournament. In the later rounds, a lot of the match-ups are going to be much closer.

In the next round of the tournament, Peterson will take on the man who currently signs his paychecks, Vikings' owner Zygi Wilf. Wilf beat Joe Kapp in their first round match-up to advance to Round 2.

Keep an eye out for more from our tournament to determine the Greatest Viking of All Time!