How did you become a Vikings fan?

As a Vikings fan in Indiana every Colts or Bears fan always asks me how I became a Vikings fan. And surprisingly, it started with my Dolphin fan dad (which is another long story). So I started to root for the Dolphins with my dad like any other loyal son should, right? I started to wear Dolphins gear to school because my dad said that they were "awesome" and "were a great team". Well what I didn't realize was that was the year the Dolphins had their infamous 1-15 season. Other kids kept telling me that the Dolphins "stunk" and "were a 1 win team". Ouch. So my experiment with the Dolphins was over. I tried rooting for the hometown team Colts. Eh. I really didn't find them exiting at all. I also didn't want to root for the Bears because they had lost to the Colts a few years back in the SB (plus they had Rex Grossman, eww). So another year passed without me having a favorite team. I'll never forget the day I walked into the living room and seeing my dad watching a Lions-Vikings game (IDK why he was watching the game? For fantasy?). Anyway, it was love at first sight. I watched A.D tear up the poor Lions D and Matthew Stafford throwing INT's like there's no tomorrow at Ford Field. "That's the team I want to root for" I said to myself. And the rest is history. So, how did you become a Vikings fan? Was it out of loyalty to a friend or family member? Or did something completely random happen like it did to me?

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