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Vikings Training Staff Up For Award

Bruce Kluckhohn-US PRESSWIRE

We all know that the Minnesota Vikings' training staff, led by Certified Athletic Trainer Eric Sugarman™ (who follows us on Twitter, by the way, because damn right he does) has done some amazing work over the past couple of seasons with keeping the Vikings (relatively) healthy and helping players get over their injuries.

Well, now there's finally a chance to get them some recognition for their work with star running back Adrian Peterson, and you can help make sure that they get it.

The Vikings' training staff is up for the 2013 Excellence in Aquatics Award, sponsored by the folks at Hydroworx.

The 2013 Excellence in Aquatics Award recognizes these professionals who, despite all odds, garnered superior rehabilitation results through innovative, and sometimes unconventional, methods. These pioneers relied on aquatics as a medium to help achieve exceptional results. This year's nominees, displayed creativity, expertise and courage when it came to rehabilitating their athletes-- and it paid off.

The Vikings' training staff is up against three other candidates, all based at the collegiate level. There's the staff for the Carson-Newman basketball program, the Duke basketball training staff, and a man named David Gatens from Nova Southeastern University.

I'm sure that the rest of the nominees did outstanding jobs and all, but really. . .I'm biased, and so are all of you. (And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.) So, hit the link above there and go vote for the Vikings' training staff on this one. You can vote once per day, and the voting runs through June 20.