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Body Of Kathlynn Shepard Found In Iowa

A couple of weeks ago, we showed you the picture above of Adrian Peterson and Leslie Frazier lending their support to the family and friends of Kathlynn Shepard, a 15-year old Iowa student that had been abducted from a bus stop near her school. The search for Kathlynn is now over. . .unfortunately, it came to the conclusion that nobody wanted to see.

Kathlynn's body was recovered from the Des Moines River on Friday, and an autopsy has confirmed that it is her.

"Today our family has lost part of its soul - not just the Shepard family but the families of Dayton and all of Iowa," the Shepards said in a statement. "An innocent, caring, fun-loving child was taken from this world long before her time."

The man suspected of the kidnapping committed suicide shortly after it took place.

We send our condolences to the Shepard family for the loss of young Kathlynn.