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Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament: Bud Grant Advances

"I told you all to stop using the same damn picture of me!"
"I told you all to stop using the same damn picture of me!"
Malcolm Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

When you pair one of the greatest coaches in the history of the National Football League against a kicker, no matter how good that kicker might have been, you expect a pretty one-sided contest, and that's exactly what we got in this first round match-up in our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament.

Bud Grant pummeled Ryan Longwell in their match-up, and it wasn't close from the start. When the totals were finalized, Coach Grant wound up with 153 "recs," while Ryan Longwell wound up with just 6 "recs." Again, Grant is an all-time great, and while Longwell performed pretty well during his time in Minnesota, he was no match for the man that was the symbol of Vikings football during his tenure.

In the second round, Coach Grant will take on tight end Steve Jordan, who advanced by defeating Steve Hutchinson in their first-round match-up.

Stay tuned as we continue to push through the first round of our tournament. Thanks to everyone thus far for participating!