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Greatest Viking Of All Time: Alan Page Advances

Dick Raphael-USA TODAY Sports

The verdict is in on this first round match-up in our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament, ladies and gentlemen! (See, verdict because Alan Page is a judge and stuff. What I did there. . .do you see it?)

In any case, as expected, Alan Page blew past former Vikings' defensive coordinator Tony Dungy in their first-round match-up. The final tally was 162 "recs" for Alan Page and just 6 "recs" for Tony Dungy. Not terribly surprising, as Dungy is a much larger part of the history of a few other teams than he is of the Minnesota Vikings.

In the second round, Page will be facing an offensive lineman. We just don't know whether it will be iron man center Mick Tingelhoff or the late Korey Stringer. That should prove to be a fairly interesting match-up.

Keep your eye out for more match-ups and results in our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament, folks!