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Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament: Keith Millard Advances

RVR Photos-USA TODAY Sports

As we mentioned in our write-up, Joseph "Ragnar" Jurantich is the only human mascot in professional sports, and holds the world record for shaving a beard with an axe. Neither one of those things helped him very much in the first round of our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament, as he was felled by a guy who, at times, looked superhuman.

Keith Millard easily advanced past Ragnar in their match-up. When everything was finally totaled up, Millard took a decisive victory with 138 "recs," compared to just 58 "recs" for Ragnar. Once again, the Daily Norseman faithful saw fit to put someone with an outstanding on-field record over someone who made their mark other than the playing field.

Rest assured, Millard is going to find the sledding significantly tougher in the second round, as he takes on the top seed in his bracket, quarterback Fran Tarkenton.

Keep on watching for more from our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament as the first round draws to a close.