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Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament: Matt Blair Advances

Manny Rubio-USA TODAY Sports

Gary Anderson had two seasons for the Minnesota Vikings where he was almost perfect (1998 and 2000). In his first round match-up in our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament. . .he wasn't even close.

Matt Blair scored a pretty decisive victory over Anderson in their first round match-up. In the final vote tally, Blair wound up scoring 166 "recs" from our readers, while Anderson could only manage 10 "recs." It ensured that, of the five kickers we wound up having in our field of 64 66, none of them would survive to the Round of 32.

Blair isn't going to have an easy go of it in the next round, however. . .he's going to run right into the top seed in his portion of the bracket in wide receiver Cris Carter.

Be sure to vote on our last two first round match-ups, everybody, as we wrap up the first portion of our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament!