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Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament: Bobby Bryant Advances

In a battle between two men with a history of injury problems, one of the best quarterbacks the Minnesota Vikings have ever had was beaten out by one of their greatest pass defenders in our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament.

Bobby Bryant scored a mild upset (based on seedings, anyway) of Tommy Kramer in their first round match-up. It was fairly close for most of the contest, but in the end, Bryant wound up with 95 "recs" from the Daily Norseman faithful, compared to just 68 for Kramer.

(And no, neither of our image providers had one single picture of Bobby Bryant available to us.)

Bryant moves on to the next round, where he will face another very worthy challenger in defensive tackle John Randle.

Thank you to everyone that participated in the voting for the first round of our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament! The second round will start off with two match-ups on Monday, so keep your eyes open for that. We'll have more on the tourney over the course of this weekend.