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Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament: Voting Primer/Refresher

In the interest of getting as many folks eligible to participate in the voting for our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament as possible, I present to you a visual primer for those that want to partake.

For starters, in order to vote, you have to be a registered member of our site. If you are not, you will see a link that says "Sign Up" in the upper right-hand corner (or you can simply click here to register). As always, you may click the picture to embiggen.


Okay, so you've signed up. Unfortunately, you will have to wait for 24 hours to become an "official" member of the site. There's a 24-hour wait to keep away trolls, spambots and other undesirables. Our apologies for this. It's a necessary evil. But, eventually, you'll be eligible to participate.

At the start of each match-up, someone (generally either myself or one of the other staff members) will post something similar to this, with each member of the match-up getting their own comment. Unless you get here super early and can vote before anyone else, the comments will likely have a green background already. It will likely look something like this. (Again, click to embiggen.)


See those things that are circled in red there? Those are the "rec" buttons.

Those are how you vote.

When 24 hours have passed, the winner of the match-up will be the person with the most "recs." If you type "Vote - Name" into the subject line of a comment, it does not count. I don't even consider those. The only thing that counts as far as votes are concerned are "recs."

We ask that you only "rec" one of the two comments in the match-up. . .of course, it would be kind of silly to "rec" them both, because then you essentially haven't voted for anybody. And what good is that?

So, there you have it, folks. Hopefully this will clear up any questions about how you can go about voting in our tournament here.

Thanks to everyone that has participated thus far, and we hope that a lot more of you will partake in future rounds!