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Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament: (1) Fran Tarkenton vs (9) Keith Millard

Welcome back to the second round of our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament, folks! In this match-up, the undisputed best quarterback in the history of the Minnesota Vikings takes on the first of the nine defensive linemen that advanced into the Round of 32.

Fran Tarkenton

Alma Mater: University of Georgia
Acquired by Vikings: Round 3, 1961 NFL Draft; trade with New York Giants, 1967
Seasons in Minnesota: 13 (1961-1966; 1972-1978)
Position: Quarterback
How He Got Here: Defeated Tim Irwin 188-12 in Round 1

Fran Tarkenton is one of the most prolific quarterbacks not just in Minnesota Vikings history, but in the history of the National Football League. When he retired, he held virtually every major passing record the league had to offer, including yardage and touchdown passes. As you can see above, he had two separate stints with the Vikings, and was the team's quarterback for three of their four Super Bowl appearances. There's a reason that Sir Francis is one of the top four seeds in this tournament.

Keith Millard

Alma Mater: Washington State University
Acquired by Vikings: Round 1, 1984 NFL Draft
Seasons in Minnesota: 6 (1985-1990)
Position: Defensive tackle
How He Got Here: Defeated Ragnar 138-58 in Round 1

After playing one season in the United States Football League with the Jacksonville Bulls, Keith Millard moved on to the NFL team that drafted him in 1985 and immediately made his presence felt. He notched 11 sacks in his first NFL season, and followed it up with 10.5 the next. He had a truly incredible 1989 season, racking up 18 sacks (still a single-season NFL record for a defensive tackle) as part of a defense that put up 71 for the season, and was named the NFL's Defensive Player of the Year that season. A two-time All-Pro and a member of the NFL's All-Decade Team for the 1980s, he collected 53 quarterback sacks in his six seasons as a member of the Minnesota Vikings.

Unfortunately, I can't find a decent embeddable video of Keith Millard, so I refer you to his 50 Greatest Vikings bio at

If you need a primer on how the voting for our contest works, we have one for you at this link here. Remember, rec the comments to register your vote. Putting "Vote - Name" in the subject line of a post does not count.

If you want to vote for Fran Tarkenton, rec the comment that says "Vote - Fran Tarkenton"
If you want to vote for Keith Millard, rec the comment that says "Vote - Keith Millard"

Voting is open for 24 hours, just like always, folks. Have at it!