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Greatest Viking Of All Time: Randy Moss Advances

Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports

While Ahmad Rashad went on to big things after his time in Minnesota and may have caught the most famous pass in team history, he just didn't have the juice to get it done against the guy that might be the most dynamic playmaker the Minnesota Vikings have ever seen.

Randy Moss took down Rashad to advance to the Sweet 16 in our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament. When the dust settled on the voting in this match-up, Moss managed to score 177 "recs" from the DN faithful, while Rashad ended up with just 26 "recs." Moss is truly one of the greats in Vikings history, and showed that in his match-up against Rashad.

Moss is going to be taking on a hard-nosed defender in the Sweet 16. He'll either be facing defensive end Jim Marshall or linebacker Scott Studwell. That match-up is going to take place on Friday, July 19.

We're nearly halfway through the second round of our tournament, folks! Thanks to everyone that has participated so far, and we hope you've enjoyed everything up to this point.