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Premiere of the (new) Daily Norseman Podcast!

The Daily Norseman is starting a podcast, and partnering with Dusty O'Connell, a Vikings fan stranded in Denver, Colorado. We're calling it the Norse Code (to continue the spirit of Christopher Gates' podcast in 2009). Tell us what you think!

It's been a while since I've written much about the Vikings, and some of that is because of other projects, like one at, and other reasons like having my computer break down.

Regardless, one of those projects is a podcast I've been working on with an acquaintance from back when I lived in Grand Forks, North Dakota (go Fighting Sioux!). I've run the idea through Chris, and he agrees that it's a solid addition to the Daily Norseman coverage here.

He's even let us use the name of the podcast he started up way back when (and it's a wicked name).

So, be sure to listen to the first (new) episode of the Norse Code, embedded below. We're starting with thoughts on Christian Ponder.

Some of the things mentioned in the podcast could use reference links, so here you go:

Tell me what you think, and what should be changed (or added). The second half of this episode will be posted later in the week. And the second episode should see this site on Thursday, right before Training Camp. We'll try to do this every week, even when I'm toiling away at Training Camp.