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NFL Chalkboard Session Featuring Jared Allen

Yesterday, as part of the promotional work that he and Kevin Williams are doing for the Minnesota Vikings' trip to London on September 29, Jared Allen was a part of an "NFL Chalkboard Session" in Birmingham, England. One of our readers, "blowfishes," was fortunate enough to be in attendance, and has put some video of the session up on YouTube, as you can see.

It's a pretty interesting talk with our favorite mulleted mad man, as he spends a lot of time talking about some of the techniques he uses to get to opposing quarterbacks. The crowd in attendance appeared to be pretty impressed with #69 during this session as well.

A huge thanks to "blowfishes" for putting this video up on YouTube for all of us to get a look at. Hopefully the good people of Birmingham (and other parts of the United Kingdom that were represented at this session) will be more inclined to cheer for the purple when the Vikings meet the Pittsburgh Steelers at Wembley Stadium.