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Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament: John Randle Advances

RVR Photos-USA TODAY Sports

Bobby Bryant pulled off an upset (at least in terms of the seedings) to advance to this point in our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament. However, in the second round, he found out that it's a bad thing to hear that the Big Dog is, indeed, in the house.

John Randle defeated Bobby Bryant in their second round match-up to move to the Sweet 16 of our tournament. The match-up was fairly one-sided, with Randle garnering 158 "recs" from our readers to Bryant's 16 "recs." It should come as no surprise that the popular Randle charged into the third round in impressive fashion, as he established himself as one of the Vikings' best defenders of all time.

Randle will have to take down another defensive player if he wants to advance to our Elite 8. He will take on the winner of a match-up that will happen on Wednesday, July 24 between defensive end Carl Eller and safety Joey Browner.

We've filled out half of our Sweet 16, folks! Keep your eyes open for more match-ups and more results from our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament.