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Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament: Jim Kleinsasser Advances

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

As a linebacker, Ed McDaniel was scrappy and always up for a challenge. And even though he kept this first round match-up in our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament relatively close, in the end he couldn't quite overcome a guy that has shown to be a true fan favorite.

Jim Kleinsasser took home a victory over McDaniel in their match-up, but he didn't have it easy. When everything was officially tallied up, the big North Dakotan had registered 123 "recs," compared to just 78 "recs" for Ed McDaniel. A lot of blocking tight ends just don't get the type of love from the fans that Jim Kleinsasser does, but we Viking fans are a different breed.

In the next round, Kleinsasser will take on the winner of a match-up between a couple of his former teammates. . .either defensive tackle Kevin Williams or quarterback Brad Johnson.

Thanks to everyone that voted in this first round match-up, and for voting in all the other match-ups as well!