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Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament: (6) Scott Studwell vs (11) Sammy White

We keep pushing along in the first round of our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament with a match-up that gives us the anchor of many Vikings' defenses for nearly a decade and a half against a highly underrated wide receiver from the team's glory years.

Scott Studwell

Alma Mater: University of Illinois
Acquired by Vikings: Round 9, 1977 NFL Draft
Seasons in Minnesota: 36 (not a typo. . .Player - 1977-1990, Player Relations - 1991, Player Personnel Coordinator - 1992-2001, Director of College Scouting - 2002-present)
Position: Linebacker, and everything else you see above

When it comes to time with the Minnesota Vikings, I believe that only Fred Zamberletti and Bud Grant have more tenure in this tournament field than Studwell does. But Studwell has been a part of the Vikings' organization for a very long time. He was a standout middle linebacker during his time with the Vikings, retiring as the Vikings' all-time leading tackler with 1,981. He also holds the team records for tackles in a season (230 back in 1981) and in a game (24 against the Detroit Lions in 1985). He moved on to the front office after retiring following the 1990 season, and is now helping Rick Spielman and company put together some outstanding drafts.

Couldn't find any embeddable Studwell videos from YouTube or anything, so here's a bio on him from

Sammy White

Alma Mater: Grambling State
Acquired by Vikings: Round 2, 1976 NFL Draft
Seasons in Minnesota: 10 (1976-1985)
Position: Wide receiver

When the names of great Minnesota Vikings receivers come up, the name of Sammy White probably doesn't come up as often as it should. He played ten years in Minnesota, and still stands as the fifth-leading receiver in team history in terms of yardage with an even 6,400 yards. He's also fourth in team history in receiving touchdowns with 50, a number that trails only Cris Carter, Randy Moss, and Anthony Carter. Though he could stretch the field, having averaged 16.3 yards/catch in his career, he was also tough as nails. Don't believe me? Watch this.

Did he hold on? You're damn right he held on.

Here's a review of how the voting process works, folks.

-If you want to vote for Scott Studwell, rec the comment that says, "Vote - Scott Studwell"
-If you want to vote for Sammy White, rec the comment that says, "Vote - Sammy White"

Don't rec both comments. . .we're on the honor system here, folks. Although I don't know why you'd rec both anyway. . .you'd end up just canceling yourself out.

Please do not reply to either of the top two comments. . .if you want to debate or make your case or what have you, feel free to do so underneath those top two comments. Remember. . .only recs count, so make sure that's how you register your vote.

The voting will remain open until 8 AM Central time tomorrow, at which point the next two match-ups will be posted.

Have at it, everybody!