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Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament: Antoine Winfield Advances

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Robert Griffith had a reputation as a hard hitter during his time with the Minnesota Vikings. However, in his second round match-up in our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament, he ran into an opponent that not even he could manage to bring down.

Antoine Winfield had fairly little trouble taking down Robert Griffith in our tournament, allowing him to move on to the Sweet 16. When the tally from our voters was finalized, Winfield had managed to put together 151 "recs," while Griffith could only manage 35 "recs." Even though Antoine Winfield has departed for the West Coast, folks here can still recognize just how much he meant to this team while he was here.

Winfield's advancing sets up a very interesting match-up for the Sweet 16, as he will go head-to-head with his former teammate, defensive end Jared Allen. The leader of the Vikings' front seven will take on the leader of its secondary. Will be interesting to see how that one goes down.

We're taking the weekend off for our tournament, folks. . .the next two match-ups will hit the site at 8 AM on Monday morning, so keep an eye out for those.