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Norse Code, Episode #001.5 - The Daily Norseman Vikings Podcast

The second half of the first installment of the Daily Norseman podcast is up! Be sure to tell use what you think and why.

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For those waiting to hear more thoughts on Passer Rating, Total QBR and other quarterback statistics, take a listen. The first half of the first episode is here, for anyone who missed it.

The suggestions we've received are pretty great, and we'll be implementing some of them as we move forward, although you won't see any of them in this one just quite yet—this was recorded with the first half at the same time.

Episode two should be coming this Thursday (hopefully in one part) and naturally it will be about Training Camp, where you should see me in the first week (hopefully more, if my delayed paychecks come in and I can extend my stay).

Episode Notes:

My thanks go to Dusty O'Connell and James Pogatshnik (my old neighbor way back when I lived in Grand Forks) and their work. They are Pompous Jerk Productions (attitude with attitude) and have produced other podcasts, like the States Rights Minute.

For those asking about RSS feeds and whatnot, I promise I am working on it!

Add your thoughts!