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Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament: Updated Bracket

Thanks to our friend June Williams, who has done a brilliant job of handling all the graphics for our tournament thus far, we have a new and updated version of our bracket as we close in on the end of the second round. You can see it above there, or you can click on it below to embiggen it for your viewing pleasure.


We're over halfway to having our Sweet 16 all set and ready to go. The Carl Eller vs Joey Browner and Randall McDaniel vs Ron Yary match-ups have just gotten underway, and the 4 vs 5 match-ups will happen on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The match-up between Robert Smith and Chuck Foreman will take place on Tuesday, as will the match-up between Paul Krause and Matt Birk. The last two match-ups of the second round will happen on Wednesday, with Anthony Carter taking on Chris Doleman and Kevin Williams doing battle with Jim Kleinsasser.

We'll announce the winners of those last two match-ups on Thursday morning, and the the tournament will take a few days off to concentrate on and highlight our Training Camp coverage, which will be anchored by Arif Hasan for the first week or so.

So, we hope you enjoy the end of Round 2 of our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament, folks. The Sweet 16 will start on Monday, July 29. . .and from looking at the brackets, that's where the proverbial rubber is really going to meet the road in terms of quality of match-ups. We hope you've enjoyed it thus far, because the match-ups are only going to get more contested from here.